JoeRess Podcast #16


Ben Emlyn-Jones (Part 2 of 2)

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As promised, here is the second half of our chat with Ben Emlyn-Jones. There isn’t much else in this show except a small bit of blog-casting at the end.

If you missed part one, you ought to listen to it first.


Ben Emlyn-Jones

In part two of a special pair of episodes, Isaac and I speak to Ben Emlyn-Jones. Ben is a former hospital porter turned researcher and conspiracy theorist. We speak to him about all sorts of topics including climate change, free energy, chemtrails, UFOs and Disclosure and aliens. He mentioned Ben’s Bookcase – his blog where you can find out about the fiction books he has written,

You can find Ben’s main blogs at HPANWO and HPANWO Voice. You can also find him on Twitter and Google+. He has loads of videos on his YouTube Channel including a pretty funny parody of Professor Brian Cox. He’s also a regular on the Mind Set Podcast (be warned, it has lots of swearing and is definitely NSFW)



We didn’t have time to cover your feedback but do keep it coming and we will discuss it on episode 17. If you want to get in contact, you can email me at JoeRessPodcast at Gmail or podcast at joeress.


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3 thoughts on “JoeRess Podcast #16”

  1. Thanks for interview with Ben. Any chance you could please invite Andrew Johnson on to go more in depth on subjects like 9/11 and Free Energy. Thanks.

  2. Excellent summary of many things, my head will explode if I try to reply, I’m comforted that there are people who want to talk about these things, and can hold up a conversation too.

    Check out this stuff, it’ll challenge many things you think you know:

    It speaks to many of the subjects discussed and may seem off topic because it’s so broad, but it does go all the way from foil hat subjects, to understanding how to build one that will have an effect and how current Scientism isn’t helping us understand anything 😉

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