JoeRess Podcast #6


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What I’ve been up to

Not much except getting a Nexus 4 to add to the list.


Chat with listener Donald

Having contacted me to strongly disagree with my thoughts on the Charlie Hebdo shooting, I invited Donald on to elaborate and he agreed. We agreed on a couple of things but I think it’s pretty clear that we have extremely different world views. You can follow him on Twitter if you like.



Thanks to Leigh, Nicolás García, JPlews and Anonymous Coward for getting in touch.


If you want to get in contact, you can email me at JoeRessPodcast at Gmail.

Speak soon.

One thought on “JoeRess Podcast #6”

  1. If you want to do a follow-up on it you should have Kurt Westergaard as an interview partner on your podcast. That is totally possible, he can communicate via Skype.

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