JoeRess Podcast #18


Chocolate bars and guns

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Back in July I tweeted the following:


Isaac told me I was wrong so I decided to send him some chocolate to prove that ours is nicer than American “candy”.




Isaac owns guns and likes to murder animals with them. I ask him all about it.




Thanks to Craig Squire for the offer of free toilet seat covers.


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Speak soon.

JoeRess Podcast #17


OggCamp Recap

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It’s been an awfully long time but we are back. Isaac is now a published writer and a regular host on mintCast.

Joe has been to OggCamp and tells Isaac all about it.



Thanks to Jack Dennahower, Martin Karlsson, Alex, Dave, David Harvey, Alex Armstrong and everyone who left web comments for getting in touch.


If you want to get in contact, you can email podcast at joeress.


Speak soon.

London UK Linux/podcaster meet up – Thursday Nov 12th at the Mulberry Bush pub (near Waterloo station)

London UK Linux/podcaster meet up – Thursday Nov 12th at the Mulberry Bush pub near Waterloo station from 6pm

Scott is coming back to the UK so it’s time to have another meet up! It’s an excuse for some podcasters to get together but it’s also a good chance for anyone who is into Linux and Open Source to have a few drinks and a chat with some like-minded people in a nice informal atmosphere. Anyone and everyone is welcome, so spread the word and bring people along!

Confirmed attendees so far are Scott Newlon (mintCast), me (mintCast/Linux Luddites/The Pi Podcast), Jesse (Linux Luddites), Alan Pope and Martin Wimpress (Ubuntu Podcast/Linux Unplugged).

Directions to the Mulberry Bush

Leave Waterloo via the original main entrance in order to head towards the South Bank.  The main entrance is found by turning left after coming through any of the ticket barriers, and is at the far end of the concourse beyond platform 18, on the right next to the lost luggage.  Head through the glass doors and down the stone steps, if you find yourself on a bridge you’ve gone the wrong way, come back and look on your left for the glass doors.

Once down the steps head to your left, cross some zebra crossings and generally follow what is likely to be the main crowd towards the traffic lights to cross York Road.  The aim is to stroll along Sutton Walk, the pedestrian walkway under the blue lattice bridge, towards the South Bank.  Once under the bridge continue straight towards the Royal Festival Hall and you will shortly reach a T-junction with Belvedere road before you actually get to the hall.

Turn right and walk along that road – this is the home straight, except it’s the longest section of the trip!  I’m afraid this part isn’t much to look at, you’ll pass the National Theatre, IBM and ITV and just when you think you’ve gone wrong, the Mulberry Bush will appear on your right hand side.

The route looks like this

The pub looks like this

To find the booth that we have reserved, walk to the end of the bar and look to your left.

Hopefully see you there!

JoeRess Podcast #16


Ben Emlyn-Jones (Part 2 of 2)

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As promised, here is the second half of our chat with Ben Emlyn-Jones. There isn’t much else in this show except a small bit of blog-casting at the end.

If you missed part one, you ought to listen to it first.


Ben Emlyn-Jones

In part two of a special pair of episodes, Isaac and I speak to Ben Emlyn-Jones. Ben is a former hospital porter turned researcher and conspiracy theorist. We speak to him about all sorts of topics including climate change, free energy, chemtrails, UFOs and Disclosure and aliens. He mentioned Ben’s Bookcase – his blog where you can find out about the fiction books he has written,

You can find Ben’s main blogs at HPANWO and HPANWO Voice. You can also find him on Twitter and Google+. He has loads of videos on his YouTube Channel including a pretty funny parody of Professor Brian Cox. He’s also a regular on the Mind Set Podcast (be warned, it has lots of swearing and is definitely NSFW)



We didn’t have time to cover your feedback but do keep it coming and we will discuss it on episode 17. If you want to get in contact, you can email me at JoeRessPodcast at Gmail or podcast at joeress.


Speak soon.