A wildly speculative Bitcoin based conspiracy theory

A few days ago I had an idea. Now this idea is probably wrong but maybe it isn’t. If I am right about this then I want to be able to link to this post at some point in the future and feel a little bit smug. If I’m wrong, which I probably am, then this post will fade into obscurity among the millions of other worthless blog posts that get posted today.

Bitcoin has been around for a while now. A few nerdy types have been aware of it for a year or two and a lot more slightly nerdy types have been aware of it for a few months. The majority of normal people couldn’t give a shit and even if you tried to explain it to them you would be faced with a blank stare. Bitcoin and associated crypto currencies are fairly straight forward once you get your head around the concept but let’s face it, most people are imbeciles.

There seem to be two distinct camps among the people who (claim to) understand Bitcoin. There are the advocates who seem to believe in the idea with borderline religious zeal and then there are doubters who call it a ponzi scheme or a scam and think that the very idea will not survive the next “crash”.

Some say we live in the information age. Some call it the disinformation age. All I know is that Bitcoin (or something similar) seems likely to at worst coexist with and even possibly replace the current system of fractional reserve based banking in the long term. We are heading towards a level financial playing field when it comes to online transactions and we already live in a world where offline transactions are starting to wane.

So surely all this is a good thing. The future of the global financial system might well be based on a decentralised, open source network, the creator of which is still anonymous. How could this possibly be a bad thing? The answer to that question is only a possibility. I am by no means certain about this. This is pure speculation.

I have followed alternative thinking or parapolitical thought or, if we are being honest, conspiracy theories for knocking on ten years now. As a Brit, it seems like the most vocal advocate of this type of thinking is David Icke. Obviously Alex Jones is a very famous American contemporary of Icke but his brash colonial commonness doesn’t sit very well with my stiff upper lip. Either way they seem to spout a similar overall message: the world is controlled by a small number of people who are intent on hanging onto that control indefinitely. Wealth to these people is a birthright and they are fucked if any of us normal people are going to take that away from their children.

Call me a tinfoil hat wearer but as a (small and admittedly as yet not very successful) businessman I see no problem with this idea. It seems completely plausible to me that the world is essentially a business and that a few bosses control the many workers.

Anyway, there seems to be a consensus in the “conspiracy” community that the controlling force is shepherding us towards a world where there is one world government, one world army and one world currency. I am by no means a devotee of this way of thinking. I am extremely sceptical (with a c) of all points of view, including that of the tin foil hat brigade. But what if they’re right?

The one world government and army are basically here already but the one world currency is not. There was a time when the Euro was doing well and other continental currencies seemed to be on the cusp of introduction, surely as a precursor to the consolidation of them all into a single global currency. Then we had the “credit crunch” and the subsequent near collapse of the Euro. It seemed impossible that the world could settle on a single currency. There was just too much instability in the various currency exchanges and markets.

And then a currency came along that united the world, seemingly free from the iron grip that the global elite has had since anyone can remember. This currency is going to free us all and bring about a revolution. The creator will surely become a messianic figure.

But who created it? A genius PHD student? Or perhaps the illuminati?