2019 Linux and Open Source News Roundup


Kernel reaches 5.0

Raspberry Pi joins RISC-V Foundation

MIPS to be open sourced

Mozilla “experimenting” with more ads in Firefox

Mozilla kills Test Pilot Program

Mozilla Kills Default Support for Adobe Flash in Firefox 69

Amazon launches Mongo-compatible DocumentDB

MongoDB removed from major distros

Phoenix joins the LVFS

Adiantum: encryption for the low end



HP joins LVFS

We won’t see a raspberry Pi 4 in 2019

Raspberry Pi opens IRL store

Redis Labs raises $60 million for its NoSQL database

Redis Labs changes its open-source license — again

The battle between real open source vs. faux open source heats up



LineageOS 16.0 released

Microsoft open-sources Windows Calculator

Leaderless Debian

Debian project leader candidates emerge

Open Distro for Elasticsearch

Google launches game streaming service called Stadia

Google forced into Android browser choice

Antitrust: Commission fines Google €1.49 billion for abusive practices in online advertising

Red Hat crosses $3B revenue mark

LVFS joins Linux Foundation


Chef goes 100% open source

UBports Foundation finally created

Ubuntu 19.04 ‘Disco Dingo’ Released with New Features

Open infrastructure, developer desktop and IoT are the focus for Ubuntu 19.04

Presenting search app and browser options to Android users in Europe

Fedora 30 Released

Purism launches Librem One

Linux developer abandons VMware lawsuit



Firefox addon cert blunder

RHEL 8 released

IBM’s Red Hat acquisition moves forward

Announcing WSL 2

Introducing Windows Terminal

All new Chromebooks will run Linux apps

Project Mainline is Google’s new attempt to send security updates directly to your phone

Antergos Linux Project Ends

Endeavour OS

Google pulls Huawei’s Android license

Huawei responds

90 day reprieve

Now even Arm cutting then off



Stadia details announced

Ubuntu announce that they’ll drop i386 but then backtrack

Ubuntu to drop i386 architecture

Wine devs worried

At least some games not working without 32-bit

Important figures in the Linux world sign petition

Test and run multiple instances of snaps

OpenMandriva also dropping 32-bit

Statement on 32-bit i386 packages for Ubuntu 19.10 and 20.04 LTS

Update on Steam, Ubuntu, and 32-bit support 

Facebook’s Libra confirmed

Raspberry Pi 4 released



Raspberry Pi 4 USB-C issues confirmed

Debian 10 Buster released 

Fuchsia gets a website

Firefox addons outage post mortem

IBM Red Hat deal closes

Introducing Fedora CoreOS



Enhancing our ZFS support on Ubuntu 19.10 – an introduction

Xfce 4.14 released

exFAT in the Linux kernel? Yes!

Richard Brown steps down as openSUSE chairman



Android 10 released

Richard Stallman resigns from the FSF

Richard Stallman resigns from MIT

Stallman intends to keep leading GNU

Presenting CentOS Stream

CentOS-8 (1905) Release Notes

Transforming the development experience within CentOS

Fedora and CentOS Stream




Joint statement on the GNU Project

No radical changes in GNU Project

Google Stadia will be “faster and more responsive” than local gaming hardware

Ubuntu 19.10 released

Will Cooke, the Director of Engineering for the Ubuntu desktop, has left Canonical

Fedora 31 is officially here!



Google gives most Chromebooks an extra year of software support

Microsoft Will Release Their Edge Web Browser For Linux

Google Stadia will be missing many features for Monday’s launch

Introducing Alexa Voice Service Integration for AWS IoT Core, a new way to cost-effectively bring Alexa Voice to any type of connected device



Canonical announces Ubuntu Pro for Amazon Web Services

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