JoeRess Podcast #14


Trump, more drones and confession time.

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It’s been well over a month, mostly because Isaac and I have been developing The Pi Podcast. I’ve also done loads of mintCasts and episodes of Linux Luddites which is now a weekly show. Isaac bought a new phone.


News and discussion

We spoke about Donald Trump and the American electoral system.

We mentioned MicroSoft’s new AI and spoke about Windows 10.

Isaac mentioned an old story about the Chinese government banning Windows 8.

The Recall on cars getting hacked led on to discussion about the Internet of things.


Drone watch

Drone swarming language

Don’t bring your drone to New Zealand

Isaac’s old KY home

* more on the drone shooting in KY

Report of a drone shooting a gun

* Police try to follow up on this shooting drone



Thanks to Will, Rainy and Jon for getting in touch.


If you want to get in contact, you can email me at JoeRessPodcast at Gmail or podcast at joeress.


Speak soon.

2 thoughts on “JoeRess Podcast #14”

  1. Joe, how are you going to guest host every Linux podcast if you create so many of your own that you don’t have time to be on all of them?

    I think you guys could have gone more tinfoil hat in your discussion of computers in cars. There are some arguments for computers in cars making driving safer — the rearview camera replacing the rearview mirror, the collision detection cameras that hit the brakes faster than a human can, the line following feature that keeps a car from drifting into another lane, the emergency contact system that automatically relays GPS information when airbags are deployed. These features all sounds nice, but I wonder what their values would be under a rigorous study of overall safety. Being able to communicate with a car over the cell network to read out its GPS location (with some unique ID attached to it) and potentially force its brakes to lock seems like it would be pretty valuable to the police.

  2. Hi guys,

    I’m coming here after listening to the Linux Luddites podcast and some of the mintCasts. I’ve listened to a few of these shows, and the “tinfoil hat” stuff is interesting. I’d be interested in learning more about encryption and security from this show too.

    As for Donald Trump, it’s a shame he’s the biggest news about American politics in the rest of the world…but the loudest person often gets a lot of media attention, I suppose.

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