JoeRess Podcast #23


Gender and identity politics

Once again it has been an awfully long time but the JoeRess podcast is back! This time my guest is a young man called Chlo. We spoke about gender dysphoria and politics, identity politics, equality of religious criticism and mockery, Brexit, Trump, immigration and loads more.


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Speak soon.


One thought on “JoeRess Podcast #23”

  1. Nice discussion. It sounded like you might be mixing up Russian interference and Trump collusion. I don’t think many people in the US deny there was Russian interference in the US election besides Trump, but it is arguable whether that interference had any effect on the election outcome. The collusion charge concerns members of the Trump campaign working with Russian agents to influence the outcome of the election. So far it has been confirmed that the top officials of the Trump campaign met with Russian agents to discuss information that could be released to hurt the Clinton campaign, but there is no smoking gun confirming a Trump official asking a Russian agent to take action on the campaign’s behalf.

    To give an American perspective on Trump — yes, he is a clown who clearly is not qualified to take any substantive role in the operation of the government. However, he is a highly effective conservative president. For most issues, he has appointed a traditional, hard-right conservative and left that person to run things without much guidance. Meanwhile, his antics fill the American media’s headlines and airtime and allow these less visible officials to enact their conservative agendas. Trump has even given them some cover with his populist rhetoric, which obscures the fact that his administration is an enacting a more traditional, pro-big business agenda. Trump has jerked congress around on issues like immigration and health care, but only because congress is so divided. If the Republican majority were more cohesive, Trump would sign whatever legislation they put in front of him. If we get through the Trump presidency without a catastrophic war, I think most American conservatives will look back on his presidency as a success (if it continues the way it has).

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