JoeRess Podcast #18


Chocolate bars and guns

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Back in July I tweeted the following:


Isaac told me I was wrong so I decided to send him some chocolate to prove that ours is nicer than American “candy”.




Isaac owns guns and likes to murder animals with them. I ask him all about it.




Thanks to Craig Squire for the offer of free toilet seat covers.


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3 thoughts on “JoeRess Podcast #18”

  1. Just got finished listening to #18. I loved the whole range of subjects. First off I am Canadian. We eat chocolate bars. I want to try a deep-fried Mars bar so much. The gun laws here are very strict, but not as much as in the UK. You want to buy a rifle you need a hunter safety course. Pistols are restricted. To get one you need to be a member of a club that has a range or can show that you need it for your work. To get more restricted automatic weapons, you need to be a collector recognized by the authorities. On the odd side, I own a flintlock musket (a reproduction tower musket circa Napoleonic era) with no restrictions but would need to have serious paperwork for a flintlock pistol.

    The paper seat cover segment was just hilarious. Enough said there,

    I have hunted in the past, but it is pointless now as there are just me and the wife. Also deer hunting season is a war zone unless one goes out during bow season.

    Keep up the good work guys. I enjoy all your topics.

    Oh, and I have had infantry training but never got into that kind of fire-fight, I have been called up twice for forest fire fighting, but that was back in the 1960s. Most of the boys in my town joined the reserve at the insistence of our parents who dreaded the threat of another war and wanted us to have a head start if something did brew up. It was just part of growing up and very few of us went into the regulars.

    You can truncate this epistle any way you want. I get long winded. 😉

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