JoeRess Podcast #2


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A quick catch up and then a bit of a rant about current events.


What I’ve been up to:

I’ve been in a pretty crazy sleep pattern but I managed to record mintCast 216, Linux Luddites 33 and do quite a bit of work on The Knievel Dead’s new album.



It was never my intention to turn this podcast into a political show but having argued about it on the Internet, I couldn’t resist talking about the Charlie Hebdo shooting.




Thanks a lot to Al from the Admin Admin Podcast for getting in touch.


If you want to get in contact, you can email me at JoeRessPodcast at Gmail.

Speak soon.

7 thoughts on “JoeRess Podcast #2”

  1. Hello Joe,
    I presume you don’t care much about iPhones, lol ;-), but please make the JoeRess podcast available im Apples Podcast app. LinuxLuddites and MintCast are already there.

  2. Hi Joe

    Just like to say keep up the good work, I’ve lisened to the first 2 shows, the second this morning in the car which I though would be apropriate given where you recorded the first one. I like the format and I was reminded of the late Alistair Cooke talking each week on a reflection of what he felt was significant American events of the past week. You may have a way to go to get as High a profile of the great Man but as you said at the start you have to start somewhere. Not sure if your scripting the show but that might be a start if you want a more professional sounding output. Anyway just thought I’d drop you a line to say I’ve enjoyed the first 2 shows and your in my podcatcher. A 20 minute show is just the right length as its the time it takes me to drive over to my Dads so I can hear a whole show in one go 😉

    1. I don’t really want to script it because I’m trying to practise speaking freely about a subject rather than reading.

      Thanks for the encouragement. 🙂

  3. Well that was Linux luddites, was it? Heh.

    For the longer shows (fine by me, more to listen to), maybe you could split em up. Like Ubuntu UK podcast did.

    1. We thought about doing that but the danger would be that we’d end up doing a long show every week. I think it’s working as it is for now.

  4. Hi Joe – Thanks for the Podcasts. You were looking for responses:
    1. You can’t get to sleep? It could be you have too much running thru your mind come sleepy-time. You need to switch-off, put on some visual chewing gum.
    2. I’m a Christian believer, but that doesn’t mean I go around blowing up folk because they don’t think and believe as I do, so we agree on one point. All views should be presented which is why I would have secular schools, but these should not exclude teachers with a faith background. Wm Wilberforce was a believer which is why, despite opposition, he led the ban on slavery.
    3. Yes – 2 hour podcasts are far too long. If they must be that length, divide them up and use chapter markers of some kind. I listen to them whilst I do the household chores. Once done I pause the podcast and wait till another, non-thort-provoking task comes up.
    4. I use a Linux Mint desktop, Chromebook and Andoid with Win-7 if I need to use ABBYY OCR. Also, I am a radio amateur, so I would be concerned about wifi charging and PLT. Yes – inverse square law is a problem.

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