JoeRess Podcast #3


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A much longer show this time where I talk about how I got into podcasting, what podcasts I listen to (and some that I used to listen to) and then go over your feedback from the last couple of shows.


My podcasting history:

The Mind Tech Podcast

Mind Tech Xmas Special


My first mintCast


Linux Luddites



My feed list:

Bald Move (TV podcasts)

Hollywood Babble On

Little Atoms

Doug Stanhope podcastA particularly good episode

The Dollop


Mind Set Podcast


Infinite Monkey Cage


Rathole Radio

The Poker

Half in the Bag


Dead or dead to me

Daily Bacon

The Skeptics’ Guide to the Universe

Behind The Curtain

Material World

Any Questions?



Linux Voice

Linux Outlaws/Geek News Radio

Linux Action Show


CNET UK podcast




Thanks a lot to Gareth, John Stoume, Tony Hughes, Rich, Leigh, RĂ¼ssel and Brian36 for getting in touch.


If you want to get in contact, you can email me at JoeRessPodcast at Gmail.

Speak soon.

3 thoughts on “JoeRess Podcast #3”

  1. It was interesting to hear your podcast preferences. I had been hoping for a segment on Linux Luddites where the three of you discussed Linux related podcasts at least but between this and Jesse’s response to one of my comments on LL and your and Rob’s response to one of my comments on MintCast I have a decent sampling of your perspectives.

    Funnily enough, your opinion of all the other Linux podcasts is my opinion of the Ubuntu podcast. It has good enough hosts and it does cover more than just Ubuntu, but the non-Ubuntu discussion overlapped heavily with MintCast and Linux Luddites (which I listen to regularly and preferred to it), so it was downgraded to one that I watch the feed of but don’t download regularly.

    I have only recently gotten into Jupiter Broadcasting and so far the ads haven’t gotten to me yet. I think it helps that I respect tarsnap and IX Systems and have a neutral opinion of Ting and Digital Ocean (I mainly listen to the shows with Alan Jude — TechSnap and BSD Now — and download some of the ones with Chris selectively if the guest or topic sounds interesting). One JB show that I was surprised you didn’t mention is Linux Unplugged. It is more of a freeform Linux discussion in a Mumble room moderated by the same hosts as LAS, but at least recently Alan Pope and Martin Wimpress are usually also on, both of whom I know you find compelling.

    One topic that I would be interested to hear (possibly on Linux Luddites or when you have a guest — it would be good to have more than person’s take) is how you listen to podcasts. I use an iPod because I don’t have a smart phone and it works for me. I started using it back when I had a mac though, so I don’t about Linux / smart phone options, or what I would do if the iPod died. What I like about the iPod is that I have a smart playlist in iTunes that includes all of my unplayed podcasts and I have iTunes set to delete played podcasts. So I can load a whole bunch of podcasts each week ordered the way I want to listen to them in the playlist and then sync the iPod again several days later and iTunes takes care of loading all new podcasts to the end of the playlist for me to reorder and takes care of removing all of the played podcasts from the playlist and from my computer and iPod. Right now, I dual boot Windows almost exclusively for iTunes. I’d like to find a Linux solution that was as seamless, though maybe the best solution would be a low end smart phone rather than an iPod alternative if there were a good app that could handle downloading, deleting and managing podcasts in one playlist (when commuting, it is annoying to have to fiddle with the player when one show ends if using an interface that keeps each podcast in a separate play list).

    What is benefit of podcast chapters? For skipping sections? As you suggest, I just pause the show when I need to stop listening. I guess one benefit is that you would probably attract a greater number of lukewarm listeners. I can think of some shows (e.g. some of the TWiT ones like Security Now) where I am interested in the topic and respect the hosts but just don’t have the listening time for them and because they are 2 hours I usually just don’t bother listening at all rather than listening for 20-30 minutes and cutting it off myself. If the show were naturally 30 minutes, I would probably listen from time to time when the topic appealed to me.

    1. Agreed about linux nplugged. It’s better than LAS, which I can only listen to now that Troll Lunduke is not on it. The mumble room keeps the show honest. The adverts are pretty frequent and looong on JB, but I prefer the shows to the fakeness of twit. Security Now is unlistenable, esp when Gibson goes off on one of his weird diatribes. I like windows weekly (despite not running windows since win98 lol), as it’s mostly a weekly rundown of all the stupid things Microsoft have done. Hah. Schadenfreude it’s called. Watching the hosts backpedal about how win 8 was always planned as just a stop gap is hilarious.

      I listen to the retro computing roundtable as well. It’s a nice whimsical show but you’ll only appreciate it if you’re over 35 I think.

      I’ll admit that I never liked Linux outlaws. The strong, almost comedic accents made a bad first impression (like Ello Ello meets Harry Enfield’s scousers) and the waffling was the final nail.

      Ubuntu UK is probably over forever now that Tony has left. The episodes where the rest of the crew have done audio have been awful. Just goes to show how much us listeners take for granted all the work that goes into one of these episodes.

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