JoeRess Podcast #4


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It’s been 2 weeks but I’ve finally done other show.


What I’ve been up to
Recorded an episode of mintCast about running Android on a PC. Recorded a fairly varied episode of Linux Luddites. Finished the new Knievel Dead album.


The show should now hopefully be on iTunes.

I bought a Raspberry Pi 2.

I went to a GLLUG meeting where the topic of diversity came up. I spoke a bit about that on the show.


I also asked “am I too negative?”



Thanks to Donald, Gareth, Steve, Leigh, David, Steven Rosenberg, Will, Rich, Popey and Bill_MI for getting in touch. Bill mentioned the StarTalk Podcast.



If you want to get in contact, you can email me at JoeRessPodcast at Gmail.

Speak soon.


6 thoughts on “JoeRess Podcast #4”

  1. Joe, I can confirm that the show is live on iTunes — I just subscribed on my iPod Touch, where the podcasting app interfaces with iTunes while still allowing me to avoid the horrible desktop application of the same name. I’m downloading the episodes now.

    I haven’t heard show 4 yet, but no, you’re not too negative.

  2. Regarding your negativity — you have discussed how you would like to be able to speak into a microphone for a living and that your podcasting now is practice for possibly achieving that goal. For the most part, to be a professional pundit of any kind, you need to be able to deliver a strong opinion in an engaging way on every topic you discuss. I think you have that part down and your opinion just happens to be negative more often than positive. However, sometimes I think you exagerate your position, either to make your point more forcefully or for comedic effect. I am thinking mainly of when you call something rubbish when really you mean that it is just not for you. I don’t have any specific examples but I would guess that I could probably find some if I went back to somewhere where you discussed kde or the new Firefox UI, for example. Your style doesn’t bother me (I take it for the comedic effect that I think is intended), and you usually clarify that what you are discussing might work for some people but doesn’t work for you. That’s my guess though as to why some people might be put off by your negativity.

    Sorry to encourage you to spend time dealing with spam bots by posting a comment — based on the feedback last episode it seems like I’m in the minority in posting one instead of sending an email.

  3. Hi Joe, greetings from Chile!
    First of all, thank you! I just got a Sony Xperia C3 and I had the exact same problem with the music player you described. After listening to this episode I went ahead and downloaded the Google Play Music (my phone didn’t came with it preinstalled) and now it works! So, I guess you can be proud that your podcast helped at least one person haha.
    Regarding your negativity, I never really took it as you being negative, you just know what you like and what you don’t like. I mean, sometimes you can be very critical of an OS or a piece of software, but you usually clarify that some people might like it, and I think that’s ok.
    I hope you keep this show going for a while, I really like it 😉

  4. Eyup,

    Don’t worry your not being too negative, simply focused on negativity, and I for one agree with your intepretations so far.

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